Cutting cheese

The right slicing technique makes the perfect cheese plate!

Käseaufschneidung, Vorarlberg Milch

Mixed cheese plate – you eat with your eyes first

It’s easy to prepare a cheese plate in advance. The best temperature for enjoying cheese is 18–22 °C. It should contain a range of mild to robust cheeses and at least 4–5 different varieties. These may include cream cheese, soft cheese, semi-hard cheese, hard cheese and blue cheese.

We’ll show you how to cut cheese properly:

Hard cheese

If the cheese is not being served right away, the prepared cheese plate should be covered with plastic wrap and stored in a cool place for up to half an hour before serving.

Semi-hard cheese

The cheese should generally be purchased unsliced. When you arrange the cut pieces of cheese in interesting ways, that’s the high art of cheese plate composition.

Blue cheese

Blue cheese is best cut with a cheese wire. Cutting large pieces of cheese with vertical, straight sides is not always easy. The pieces should always be the same size.

Soft cheese

Cut several segments from one wheel of cheese. Keep cutting from different sides so that no side of the cheese dries out.