VM, Vorarlberg Milch

The history of Vorarlberg Milk is the result of the concerted efforts which have made it possible to mutually produce and serve its market!

Vorarlberg Milch


The `Grossmolkerei` Dornbirn (Gromo) is founded.


The Dairy plant `Milchhof Oberland` comes into being from the amalgamation of the Bludenz and Feldkirch Dairies. Both concerns had already amalgamated approximately 20 local dairies.


The Rankweil Dairy Co-operative becomes affiliated to the `Milchhof Oberland`.

Ansicht von oben VM, Vorarlberg Milch


Gromo takes over the Bregenz Dairy, with the result it provides 60% of Vorarlbergers with milk products.


Gromo and Milchhof Oberland merge to form Vorarlberg Milch in order to meet the challenges provided by the market.

Ländle Milch, Vorarlberg Milch

1994 - 1995

The EEA brings the opening of the milk market. Full EU accession; Development of the “Ländle” quality brand and implementation of a 19 million euro investment program.


Ceremonial opening of the new plant in Feldkirch.

Fachkraft, Vorarlberg Milch

2004 / 2009

Commissioning of `Tetra Top` Austria`s most modern packaging facility for milk products.

Completion of the extension to the Feldkirch plant and commissioning of Austria´s first `Tetra Top OSO` packaging facility in Austria.


Buying a new packaging plant for equalized pieces of cheese.


Commissioning of the new cheese dairy.


Installation of the new pot trays - Schulenburg method.

Lädele, Vorarlberg Milch


Rebuilding V-Milch Lädele and warehouse place.


The RO-machine for whey concentration is installed.


2017 - 2019

The "generation project" includes a new cheese cellar, cheese packaging and high-bay warehouse and was successfully put into operation at the end of 2019. "The generation project is a milestone in the development of Vorarlberg Milch and a very clear commitment to the Vorarlberg dairy industry." says CEO Raimund Wachter.

Today `Laendle Milk` is the most popular and best known food brand in Vorarlberg.