Cheese flan with citrus fruits

Yogurt mousse with butter crumbles and pickled pineapple

Käseflan1, Vorarlberg Milch
Käseflan3, Vorarlberg Milch

for 4 persons:

Cheese flan
80 g Ländle butter
50 g white wine
1 l vegetable stock
100 g Ländle Rheintaler
150 g Ländle Klostertaler
200 g Ländle cream
1 onion
5 g vegetarian gelatin powder
on 100 g of liquid (Bio Laden)

Citrus fruits
4 oranges
4 lemons
4 limes
1 vanilla pod
50 g coffee beans
80 g of sugar

Romaine lettuce
3 Romana lettuce hearts
80 g of olive oil
20 g Ländle butter


Finely grate the cheese. Dice the onion. Melt the Ländle butter and sauté the onions. Deglaze with white wine and let it reduce slightly, then pour in the vegetable stock and simmer gently.


Add the cheese and let it melt. Add the Ländle cream and mix everything finely.


Season to taste and pass through a fine sieve. Add 50 g of vegetarian gelatine to 1 liter of cheese stock, mix finely and bring to the boil while stirring constantly.


Pour into a plate, glass or a small baking sheet and let it set. Then cut out and serve.


Citrus fruits

Juice 2 pieces of each citrus fruit by hand. Peel the remaining citrus fruits and cut out the fillets and set aside. Juice the rest of the fruit as well.en.


Caramelize the sugar and deglaze with the juice until the sugar has dissolved. Add the vanilla pulp and let it steep. Add the coffee beans.


When the brew is cold, pour it in and mix it with a little pudding powder and water, thicken slightly. Add the citrus fruit fillets to the stock.


Romaine lettuce

Wash and quarter the romaine hearts. Heat the olive oil in a pan and fry the romaine lettuce. When the salad is slightly colored, add the Ländle butter and season lightly with salt and pepper.

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