Beef tenderloin roll

with goat cream cheese and a variety of asparagus

Rinderfilerolle 2, Vorarlberg Milch
Rinderfilerolle 1, Vorarlberg Milch

for 4 persons:

Beef fillet
4 slices of beef fillet à 40 g
50 g goat cheese
50 g goat curd
50 g Ländle Montforter or
Ländle cream cheese
Lime oil

30 g of pomegranate cider vinegar
30 g of cranberry juice
60 g of almond oil

Asparagus salad
10 white asparagus
5 green asparagus
50 g broad beans, peeled
10 raspberries


Finely mix the goat cheese and goat curd. Season well with salt, pepper, lime oil and chopped chervil. Fill into a dressing sack.


Carefully place the beef fillet slices between two plastic sheets.


Cut into a square and use the skin sack to spray the goat mass on. Roll up carefully.


Lightly salt and pepper the beef fillet and brush with a little marinade and olive oil.


Season the vinegar and juice with salt and pepper. Mix in the almond oil carefully and slowly with the hand blender.


Asparagus salad
Peel the white asparagus twice, cut off 2 cm at the end and cook in boiling salted water with a little sugar and a little white bread for 8-10 minutes. Take out of the water and soak in ice water.


Cut green asparagus into 3 cm long pieces. Cook in the boiling water until al dente. Rinse in ice water and drain on kitchen paper.


Halve the raspberries and marinate everything together in a bowl. Serve and garnish with fresh chervil and cress.

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