Baked cheese and cream polenta

Polenta 1, Vorarlberg Milch
Polenta 2, Vorarlberg Milch

for 4 persons:

Cheese and cream polenta:
80 g Ländle Rheintaler
250 g Ländle milk
50 g Ländle cream
250 g vegetable stock
30 g Ländle butter
80 g polenta
20 g Ländle sour cream

100 g Ländle Rheintaler
250 g baby spinach
200 g bacon
200 g mushrooms
60 g pine nuts
1 shallot
50 g Ländle butter


Bring the Ländle milk, Ländle cream, Ländle butter and vegetable stock to the boil with salt and pepper.


Stir in polenta, bring to the boil briefly and leave to stand on the edge of the stove for 15-20 minutes.


Stir in Ländle sour cream and finely grated cheese and pour into a plate or other form.



Heat the Ländle butter in a pan. Sweat finely chopped bacon, shallot and mushrooms.


Add the pine nuts and spinach, stir and serve on the polenta. Sprinkle with cheese and gratin briefly in the oven at 200 ° C top heat.


Asparagus salad:
Peel the white asparagus twice, cut off 2 cm at the end and cook in boiling salted water with a little sugar and a little white bread for 8-10 minutes. Take out of the water and soak in ice water.


Cut green asparagus into 3 cm long pieces. Cook in the boiling water until al dente. Rinse in ice water and drain on kitchen paper.


Halve the raspberries and marinate everything together in a bowl. Serve and garnish with fresh chervil and cress.

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