Strammer Max

Suitable for the barbecue season!


for 2 persons:

2 large slices of black bread
4 slices of Ländle raclette cheese
4 slices of pork belly
1 handful of young spinach leaves or salad of your choice
4 tomato slices (preferably the oxheart tomato)
2 eggs
salt pepper
hot mustard


Barbeclette pans for melting raclette cheese on the grill (available in V-Milch Lädele Feldkirch or Dornbirn).


Briefly place the bread slices on the hot grill and toast them on both sides. Then brush a little mustard on the top and spread the spinach on top.


Put 2 raclette cheese slices in each of the Barbeclette pans and let them melt on the grill until the raclette cheese bubbles.


At the same time grill the strips of bacon until crispy. Spread the melted raclette cheese on the bread covered with spinach and top with tomatoes and bacon.


Fry 2 fried eggs and place on the bread. Season with salt, pepper and finely chopped chives.

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