World Cheese Awards 2022/23

2x GOLD, 2x SILVER und 2x BRONZE beim World Cheese Awards 2022

Vorarlberg Milch is the big winner and wins 2x GOLD, 2x SILVER and 2x BRONZE at the World Cheese Awards 2022/23 in Wales. 

The World Cheese Awards took place in Wales on November 2nd. From a range of over 4,000 types of cheese from 40 countries, a specialist jury consisting of over 260 people had the responsible task of evaluating the best cheese specialties in the world. 

GF Raimund Wachter: "We are proud that we were able to prove our cheese quality again this year and were awarded 6 medals!"


Unsere Käsemeister:
Daniel Rauch, Thomas Knestel, Bostan Olgun, Raphael Hartmann, Sebastian König, Thomas Richtfeld


GOLD for the Ländle Weinkäse

The Ländle wine cheese "The Original" is unique, both in appearance and in taste and therefore a special eye-catcher in every cheese counter. During its approx. 3-month maturing period on spruce boards, it is refined with red wine at least twice a week the cheese has its typical dark red, almost black natural rind. The Ländle Weinkäse unfolds a slightly sweet and fruity-harmonious note and impresses with its seductive mouthfeel. The cheese dough is characterized by its smooth, compact consistency and experiences aromas of buttermilk, yoghurt, dried fruit and some malt give it its unmistakable character.


GOLD for the Ländle Klostertaler extra-strong

The unmistakable Ländle Klostertaler offers the highest cheese enjoyment for cheese lovers. The Klostertal is an alpine valley in Vorarlberg and stretches around 30 km from Bludenz to the Arlberg. The Ländle Klostertaler is made from the best fresh alpine milk and matured and cared for in a traditional and artisan way. During its at least 10-month maturation period in the natural cellar, it unfolds its elegant spiciness. The cheese is compact, smooth and silky, which is loosened up by crystalline inclusions. The scent of forest honey, malt, dried fruit and some citrus fruits appears charming and elegant. 


SILBER for the Ländle Räßkäse

For us in Vorarlberg, "Räß" means - matured for a long time, with a strong and spicy taste. The Ländle Räßkäse is made from the best fresh Alpine milk and matured and cared for in the traditional artisanal way. It gets its unique touch from the special and intensive care. @@During its approx and becomes an elegant counterpoint. The Ländle Räßkäse is an important part of the well-known "Kässpätzle" and is therefore an essential flavor carrier.


SILBER for the Ländle Klostertaler 7 month

The unmistakable Ländle Klostertaler offers the highest cheese enjoyment for cheese lovers. The Ländle Klostertaler is made from the best fresh Alpine milk and matured and cared for in a traditional, artisan way.@@During its approx. 7-month maturing period, it unfolds its elegant spiciness. In the fragrance, fruity aromas such as pineapple and passion fruit meet malt and dark caramel. Full, juicy and with a creamy melt, the cheese beguiles the palate.

BRONZE for the Vorarlberger Bergkäse

If you know the beauty of Vorarlberg, it is quite natural that the best Ländle milk comes from here. Vorarlberger Bergkäse is made from hay milk, has a protected origin in the EU and is a cheese with tradition. During its 4-month maturation period, it gets its pronounced brownish natural rind. A cheese like a walk in spring. Citrus fruits, malt, honey and walnut fill the air. The impression on the palate is lightly aromatic and subtle with sour cream, citrus fruits, wildflowers and toasted white bread. The compact, creamy dough feels elegant. The smooth, creamy mouthfeel underlines the enticing taste of the cheese.

BRONZE for the Ländle Arlberger

The Ländle Arlberger made from hay milk impresses with its spicy, expressive character. With a fat content of 55% fat i.Tr. it gets its intense creaminess and fine texture. During the 5-month maturation period, it also gets its distinctive brownish-orange natural rind. Roasted peanuts, butter and chestnuts can be heard on the nose. The impression on the palate is full-bodied with its smooth, delicately melting dough. Aromas of mountain herbs and light caramel, cream and boiled potatoes are reflected in the Ländle Arlberger. This taste experience makes it an incomparable cheese specialty.